Daktronics Diverse Support Community

support communityWhen you purchase with Daktronics you get more than a display system, you gain access to a community of support. Daktronics provides specialized experts to help you along your way.

Here’s a brief list of some of our experts that ensure your display is performing at its optimal level.


Service Coordinators

  • Answers your questions and guides you through your request.
  • Arranges to have a technician and parts onsite when needed.
  • Organizes pre-season and pre-event work.
  • Aids with providing quotes for products and services.

Technical Support

  • Helps you answer technical questions
  • Helps diagnose technical issues for you.
  • Helps understand what parts you need for your system

Account Service Managers

  • Serves as your point person to ensure things are running smoothly for you and you are being taken care of.
  • Will work with you to understand your service needs and develop the right solution for your business

Application Engineer

  • Works with you to help you maximize the usage of your system.
  • Works with your to understand your system and help to make application recommendations.

Creative Services

  • Develops innovative & exciting content solutions that maximize your overall audience experience.
  • Provides insight and expertise to effectively arrange scoring, stats and sponsor graphics on your display.

contact serviceIf you need to reach any of the specialists listed above, our contact information is located here: http://www.daktronics.com/en-us/support

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