Largest Commercial Display In Latin America

The largest commercial digital display in all Latin America is now located in Panama City. We partnered with Futurad, Panama’s leader in Digital Signage, to install this 595-square-meter monster.Panama Image

“When we first had the idea of installing a LED Billboard of this size i​t was not only a challenge to find a location but as well to find a company that could provide us with the best solution possible, but In Daktronics we found this,” said Iván A. Vallarino Jr., President of Futurad. “We are very excited to finally turn on this dream of ours that will without a doubt become a landmark in the region.”

In case you wondering how big of a display you would need to put up in Latin America to take the title from Futurad, this display measures 35 meters high by 17 meters wide, or 115 feet high by 56 feet wide. Meaning this display is just under 11 stories tall.

Projects like this take a lot of planning and coordination from the biggest detail down to the smallest. We are very happy to have a partnership with a company such as Futurad and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.​

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