Big Money, No Problem For Digital Billboards

With all the Powerball madness going on the past few months, we have noticed a few articles that seem to be giving digital billboards a hard time for not having enough space to show the billion dollar jackpot.

How is that possible? How can a board that is over 40 feet wide not be able to display that number? The answer is pretty simple.

Billboards come in a few varieties:

  • Traditional wooden billboards with vinyl creative
  • Traditional wooden billboards with fixed 8-10 foot LED digits
  • Traditional wooden billboards with LED message centers in various sizes
  • Digital Billboards: A fully populated LED display that shows digital images, Commonly 14’ x 48, 11’x 22’, 10’6” x 36’

The displays referenced in these articles are not truly digital billboards, rather traditional, wooden billboards with fixed LED digits incorporated. These digits are only about 8 to 10 feet wide, and when you need to have numbers big enough to be seen on the highway or interstate, well we think you can see the problem.

True digital billboard displays are fully capable of showing the jackpot, in real time, via RSS feeds. What better way to draw attention to your display then being able to show the Powerball jackpot, $1,540,000,000 in all of its glory!

Digital billboards come with a long list of advantages.

  • Customizable messages, campaigns
  • Time specific advertising, real time
  • Share emergency alerts
  • Increase revenue for owners
  • And more…

Digits and message centers are great, and we sell those too, but true digital billboards sure do make things easier when the Powerball gets to a billion!

Want to Go Digital? Contact your sales rep today and they would be happy to get you set up.

Already own digital? Have a question about how RSS feeds work on your digital billboard? Contact your sales rep today and they would be happy to get you set up.

Good Luck, we hope you win the Powerball!

  1. […] with have tiny LED message centers  but that isn’t the case with digital billboards as Daktronics points out.   A 10.5 by 36 or 14 by 48 fully populated LED has no problem showing displaying […]


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