Onsite Demo Helps Sign Company Win the Order


Blanchett Neon Special Event Rentals installation

Last week, we talked about how scheduling more onsite demos is a great New Year’s resolution. After all, our customer data shows that you are 60% more likely to beat competitors when a demo is part of the sales process.

Recently, we helped Blanchett Neon in Edmonton, Alberta, close a sale with a demo. A special event rental company wanted to update an existing pylon display. The end user was interested in running high-resolution photos created by their graphic designer of weddings and other events.

After Blanchett Neon talked to them about installing a 16-mm message display, we supplied a 16-mm product and content from the end user’s website.

“The demo reassured the customer that the 16 mm would meet their needs—it showed them exactly what they’d be getting,” says Taylor Blanchett.

Make an onsite demo part of your sales strategy. Call your Daktronics representative today!


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