All about Venus Control Suite, Part 2

Welcome to our 2nd-ever Venus Control Suite blog post! Today we will share a little more information with you about our new web-based software, the Venus Control Suite.

Access Anywhere Devices

Venus Control Suite is subscription-based, and customers purchasing a new display from Daktronics will be provided access and account information via email as part of their new display purchase.

Daktronics customers with existing displays can work through their local sign company to determine display compatibility and arrange an upgrade so they can use the new software.

Right now, any customers purchasing GS6 Series Message Displays will be the first to receive Venus Control Suite. Please click the following link for more information about the next generation of leading-edge displays, the Galaxy GS6 Series Message Displays.

GS6 Display

If you have a Daktronics display(s), but want to order a new one, you may want to control them both with one software. We recommend that you purchase an AF-3550 display, since these can be added to your existing network of displays and controlled by Venus 1500 V4.

Trainer Tip:  Most customers who have purchased their displays in the last 10 years will have the option to upgrade their software to Venus Control Suite. But to complete the upgrade, a display bridge kit will have to be installed in the displays. This new piece of hardware will be available later this year.

Thanks for reading today’s post!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for even more info on Venus Control Suite, the future of Daktronics software.

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