Introducing The New Lamar Account Manager

At Daktronics, we have Account Managers for our key accounts such as Lamar and Clear Steinhauer_Amber_14465Channel while providing dedicated project teams for the rest of our accounts. Late last year we welcomed a new Account Manager to our Out of Home (OOH) team. Amber Steinhauer has taken over our Lamar account and has already fostered a great relationship with the company. Amber was hired from within Daktronics and has extensive knowledge on our products which we thought would make her transition a smooth one.

Since Amber is new to our team, we decided to use this opportunity to properly introduce her and give you some background on her past experiences.

What was your previous position at Daktronics?

Amber: Prior to my transition, I was a Project Manager within our IT department. I was in charge of managing large scale projects within the company such as software implementations, system upgrades, etc.

What excites you most about being the Account Manager for Lamar?

Amber: I think what excites me most about it is working with an Industry leader such as Lamar and knowing that the effort and support I put forth on my end will help them achieve their goals.

With you being new to the OOH market, what trends have you noticed and where do you see the OOH market moving toward?

Amber: Being new to the market, it’s really astonishing to see how quickly this market has grown. I’ve noticed the market is moving away from primarily being digital billboards and moving into airports, subway systems and other transportation areas. I can easily see this as the next major movement in the OOH market.

What do you like most about your work?

Amber: I’m blessed to work with a fantastic team of people who are invested in the industry. They make my job fun and worth showing up each day.

What interests you most about the OOH Industry?

Amber: I think the most fascinating aspect is the evolution of services that companies such as Lamar have provided to their customers. It amazes me that we have gone from painted signs to high-resolution digital displays. It’s advancing technology like this that has allowed consumers to fully leverage their real estate investment to grow their businesses.

What are some things that you would like everyone to know about you?

Amber: I’m a mother of four wonderful kids. A 10 and 8-year old and two 4-year olds. Between my work and taking care of my children I rarely find time to indulge in what I consider one of life’s greatest pleasures, karaoke.

All of us at Daktronics are very excited to have added someone of Amber’s caliber to our team and look forward to watching both her relationship with Lamar and her expertise within the market grow.

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