Florist Installs Second LED Sign


Albuquerque Florist

Albuquerque Florist, serving the city from two locations, offers customers everything from a single rose to stunning wedding ensembles. Although both facilities are located on two of Albuquerque’s busiest streets, many passersby were unaware of the florist’s offerings.

Unaware, until the owner Brennen Rigler installed a monochrome LED sign at one location. Results were so good, he installed a full-color, high-resolution sign at the second location (right).

“We believe very strongly that the Daktronics signs have increased business at both our locations. I primarily use the sign to move excess inventory and create awareness of our offerings,” says owner Brennen Rigler.

No other advertising medium has the capability to promote so many different items and services to a wide audience. And unlike a newspaper ad or radio commercial, an LED sign reaches consumers when they can stop and enter the facility.

Mr. Rigler uses the signs to attract walk-in traffic, too. He advertises specials, such as $9.99 for a dozen roses and $4.99 for a bunch of daisies.

“I also advertise our website address at times. At our Juan Tabo location, I advertise free wedding consultation and our new offerings of fruit bouquets. I run different messages also during different holidays to generate excitement,” says Rigler.

Albuquerque Florist is using the LED signs’ capabilities to great advantage, keeping messages fresh and the inventory in front of the customer.

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