Thrift Store Installs LED Sign, Experiences Record Sales



St. Vincent de Paul, Phoenix, Arizona

St. Vincent de Paul, Phoenix, Arizona

St. Vincent de Paul’s goal is to offer “person-to-person service to individuals in need.” To fulfill this goal more completely, one of the organization’s Phoenix thrift stores replaced its static sign with an LED display.


The result? The first day the LED sign went into action, the store saw record sales.

“We know how well the LED display works when we compare this year’s sales to last year’s. The increase is significant,” says Ed Dubiel, Director of Retail Operations.

The well-traveled, main artery by the thrift store provides a great front-door audience. The new LED sign advertises gently-used clothing, toys, furniture, and household items to these passersby.

“People respond to the discounts and store promotions we run on the display,” says Dubiel.

Benefits for the needy don’t end with providing affordable items. All profits from the thrift store sales go to help other St. Vincent de Paul’s community services that include dental care, reading workshops for students, and food pantries.

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