Ring in the New Year with Venus 1500! Part III

February is upon us, and Pro Football’s biggest game is nearly here. What a great opportunity to put some brand-new, eye-catching content on your display! Most people will be out and about buying food, beverages, décor, and all kinds of other goods in preparation for viewing parties all across the country!

Whether people are interested in watching the game, the halftime show, or the funny commercials, they all gather to have a good time and watch something NEW and exciting!

Avoid Stale Messages

You might be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with me?”  Well, display owners such as yourself should take a page out of their book and put something NEW on your display(s)!

People have a tendency to stop paying attention to things, or to stop noticing things when they see the same content over and over again, every day. Sure, when you first put up your messages, they caught people’s eyes, but over time those same messages have grown stale and people have stopped looking.

Plan Ahead

One thing you can do to ensure you always have up-to-date content playing on your display is to plan ahead. What specials or events do you have coming up next week? How about next month?

You can schedule ahead as far as you like by using Schedule Mode, which gives you the ability to specify dates and times in a calendar view for all of your creative content.

When you first download and setup the Venus 1500 V4 software, it defaults to Continuous Mode, which schedules everything in a single loop. If you want to switch to Schedule Mode, click the link below for instructions.

How do I switch between Continuous Mode and Schedule Mode in Venus 1500 V4?

schedule mode

We have previously written several blog posts on planning ad campaigns and for future events. Please take the time to read the  posts below if you haven’t already. They are full of helpful tips and ideas for getting the most out of your display and software.

If you have read them already, that’s great! I would still recommend reviewing them again though, just for a fresh reminder to start the New Year!

Click here to read the Planning Your Ad Campaign blog series.

Click here to read the Back to School Sign Preparation blog series.

New Content

Another thing you can do to ensure you always have eye-catching, attention grabbing content playing on your display is to persistently create new content to put up on it. Just like people enjoy watching all the NEW commercials during the big game, people will be more likely to notice NEW messages playing out on your display!

Creating fresh content can be as easy as simply changing the background color or revising the message. For example, instead of saying “Buy One, Get One Half Off” try saying “Half off your second item.” Remember people like seeing NEW things!

old message    newer message

Below are a few links to previous blog posts that I think you will find helpful when it comes to creating fresh, new content for your display.

Pointing Out Your Point of View

How to Get Noticed: Optimize Your Display!

Fun with Transitions!

Like we always say, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read our posts. We truly appreciate it and hope that you find this blog helpful.

If you have any ideas for future posts, then please comment below and let us know. See you next time!

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