Airports Embrace Digital Technology

Clear Channel Airports

LED video display – Chicago O’hare International Airport

For years, LCD screens have dominated airport advertising, as they should have. In the past, high resolution LED video displays were simply too expensive to purchase in comparison to these “LCD Walls” that airports were using. Times have changed.

While there is still a place for LCDs, we are seeing airports across the world start to embrace LED video technology on every scale, from large iconic destination displays to traditional advertising displays. This is in large part due to LED displays being able to do things that LCD screens simply cannot do. Starting with the most obvious one, size and some maybe not so obvious restrictions like shape and seamless, unobstructed images.

LCD Wall

Multiple LCD screens make up an “LCD Wall”

Design is another big pain point for airports. With LCD screens, your advertisements and creative content are constrained to a rectangular box, or interrupted with seams that can really diminish a creative vision. While on the other hand, with LED technology, you can create any size, shape or install to fit your needs. LED technology lends itself well to traditional advertising formats while adding the option of complete creative freedom.

For example, in 2013 LAX completely overhauled its indoor advertising space through the help of Daktronics and many architects and design partners. One of the most iconic installations completed at LAX was the “Time Tower,” an existing elevator completely wrapped in LEDs. Through the Time Tower and other unique LED installations totaling more than 19 million LEDs, LAX awes travelers and brings their advertising media to life making the terminal a destination, a study in art all its own.

LAX Time Tower

Time Tower at LAX

Other airports such as Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom, Chicago O’Hare International, Chicago Midway International, San Francisco International and Miami International Airport have all embraced the future by installing Daktronics LED technology to bolster their advertising and communication media in distinctive, eye-catching ways.

For more information on these airport installations, head over to – Let your imagination run wild with LED technology.

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