Moving People at MIA

We’ve all been there—you’re frantically trying to find which gate to board and someone runs into you from behind while you’re trying to make sure you take the right flight. The solution? Street furniture!


Although the name implies the best placement for serving its purpose is the street, that’s not always the case. What better answer could exist than a chic display prominently placed to direct passengers and wish them well? Here’s how the decision process panned out.

Miami International Airport (MIA) sees a massive amount of foot traffic a day. American Eagle’s Regional Commuter Facility noticed a lot of flight departure congestion, with passengers trying to decide their next move. Daktronics previously received orders and established a relationship with MIA. And, so the magic began.

How do we make this happen?

“Daktronics has been a very reliable source for other products here at MIA, so I reached out to them to see how they could help,” said Richard Garcia, MIA Chief of Airport Signage.

MIA would purchase and control the sign, and American’s airline would display the necessary information to help confused passengers. After reviewing several options, the suggestion of street furniture to display flight arrival information drew attention. However, one problem surfaced; MIA requested rewiring the sign to run cables through its top rather than the bottom. One easy fix later and the display was ready to roll. It features Venus 1500 software, monitored in MIA’s master control room, where other Daktronics displays are controlled.

The airline’s gate congestion eased, the passengers knew where to turn next, and a Daktronics customer was satisfied yet again. “The American Airlines manager really is pleased with how effective the sign is. Great product,” Garcia commented. With a little cross-business ingenuity and product line review, a problem turned into a solution. Now if people bump into each other upon their departure, it’s because they’re pausing to admire the eye-catching display!

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