Venus® Control Suite Pushes OOH To New Heights

It’s been nearly 5 months since the initial release of our new control solution for digital billboards, Venus® Control Suite, and it has been well received. But not everyone quite understands just what this software does differently than the other options available. So here’s a short video briefly explaining why Venus Control Suite is so revolutionary.

When we set out to create Venus Control Suite, we wanted to build a software to addressed the needs of our customers. We didn’t want to push a bunch of gimmicks with a lot of buzzwords. The purpose of Venus Control Suite is to drive the industry to new heights. Right away, we knew this service had to be a cloud-based software.

What does cloud-based mean?Cloud-Storage-71

Cloud-based storage is when providers, such as us at Daktronics, allow customers to upload content to servers to store their files. So forget about running out of space on your personal computer. With Venus Control Suite, all of your files are securely stored in one location, enabling you to access them from all of your devices as long as they have an Internet connection.

If you would like some more detail on what cloud-storage is, this video has a great explanation

Mobile Optimization

To make sure it is possible for you to use this software on all of your devices, we had to optimize it for mobile use. For years, control systems like Venus Control Suite were only available via desktop computer. We’re happy to say those days are long gone. Venus Control Suite can be accessed on your laptop, smartphone, tablet or even an iPod.

Now not only did we change how to access and store content with Venus Control Suite, but we also changed what you can do with the software.
Daktronics Venus Control Suite

Venus Control Suite Features

When you have a lot of content, organization is key which is why we implemented tagging in Venus Control Suite. Not sure what tagging is? The process of tagging is simply giving each piece of your content a “tag” or label. So for example, if you have a lot of content related to the auto industry, you could tag all of that content with “automobile” or even “transportation”. The reason behind this is so you can quickly find specific content when scheduling.

Another great feature of Venus Control Suite is the ability to scale your content. If you import content that doesn’t quite fit the dimensions of your billboard, you can quickly resize your content to the right size so it is still usable.

And then there is scheduling. We made one of the most common tasks in operating a digital billboard a breeze in Venus Control Suite. Literally, you can breeze through the process within 5-10 seconds once you know what to do. Why? Because why not?

Experience It For Yourself

Experience Venus Control Suite first-hand by signing up for a free demo through our website:

We’ll show you all the tips and tricks and most importantly, the benefits of using this amazing software. We set out to make Venus Control Suite the next advancement for the Out of Home Industry. Not because we needed to, but because we wanted to.

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