How to perform a pre-event check for professional baseball systems?

How do you prepare for your game? Do you have any pre-event checklists that you and your control room staff follow to make sure everything is ready?

Daktronics Services members will often go through a pre-event check when onsite producing events or doing event support, and we would like to share recommendations with you. The list below contains general things to follow to be sure your event runs smoothly.


  • Check each computer to verify that there are no alerts that need to be addressed.
  • Verify primary/backup systems are ready if you need them.
  • Verify the green status light in Display Studio.
  • Load and test any new content 60 minutes before the doors open.
  • Start playing pre-game content 30 minutes prior to doors open.

For a detailed list of the things to check before a professional baseball game, read:

How to perform a pre-event check for a professional baseball system?

At the beginning of the season, it is advised to schedule a practice game with your control room staff so you can test out your pre-event check before your first big game.


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