Charge ahead with your RC-100!

One of our more popular scoreboard controllers is the little RC-100 handheld controller.RC 100

These little 4lb wireless devices can control a variety of displays including baseball scoreboards, tennis scoreboards, rodeo and aquatics timers. The RC-100 has a rechargeable battery that allows umpires or judges to control the scoreboard without a lot of extra equipment.

Don’t leave your score keepers in a pinch! If you use one for your summer sports, it’s time to get your RC-100 controller(s) out of storage to test it for the season.  We have some tips on how to be sure your controller is charged and ready for your next event.

The best practices and tips for long term storage of a RC-100 are listed in this Knowledge Base article.

If your RC-100 is not holding a charge, it might be a good idea to replace the battery before the season. Read this article to learn how to address this issue.

If you have any other troubles with your RC-100, feel free to contact us. Our experienced technicians are happy to help you get your controllers working their best for your season!

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