Don’t leave your fans in the dark during this season

Power outages triggered by extreme weather occur most often in the spring and summer months.

Like many unexpected situations, power outages for your display system can be easier to manage if you have prepared in advance. It’s common to practice fire and tornado drills to prepare for an emergency, and power outages are no different.Lights out in Cleveland

What can you do to prepare your displays and control systems for power outages?

  • Off season preparation is key. It is advised to test the UPS systems in your control room and run a facility wide power test. Practice following the proper power down procedures to make sure you can return to normal as soon as possible when the outage is over.
  • Document and share your power outage plan with your technical and facility staff so they are prepared to assist during a power failure. Also, make a plan for how to communicate with patrons if Visual Messaging and/or PA systems are unavailable during a power outage.

What should you do once you have lost power, and what should you do when it comes back on?

  • When power is restored to your control room, it is advised to follow the startup procedures that were provided by Daktronics.
  • For your displays, we recommend working backwards from the display(s) circuit breaker to fully restore your display(s) and scoreboard(s).

The full directions for preparing for and managing power loss for a Daktronics display and control system are documented in our knowledge base article.

If you suspect that your control equipment or display system has been damaged by extreme weather, please use caution. Review our previous post, How to respond if your display has been impacted by extreme weather to understand the service and repair options that Daktronics provides.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Daktronics if you have questions about creating a power outage plan for your control and display system. A calculated response plan will help you return your displays to operation as soon as possible after a power outage.

This post was written by Danielle- Daktronics Trainer

This post was written by Danielle- Daktronics Trainer

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