Keeping It Simple with the Galaxy® eCCB


BEFORE: manually changeable copy board

Jetstream Car Wash
Jamestown, North Dakota

Jetstream Car Wash wanted to upgrade its aging manually changeable copy board. But when owner Ray Mering priced a new one, he found out it’d be expensive to replace.

To get his money’s worth, he’d have to use the new sign for at least 10 years. And that meant he’d still be locked into changing messages by hand for another decade.

Or, he could look for something different.

Mering’s sign company made several suggestions, and one LED sign new to the market struck him as an affordable upgrade that met his needs—the Daktronics Galaxy® eCCB. This new product installs into existing copy board structures.

The eCCB perfectly fit what Mering wanted. “I wanted to keep it simple–just run basic messages, like $1 off a wash,’ and ‘Rain-X great for shine and protection’,” he said. The eCCB is available in monochrome red only, with a highly readable, predetermined font. The operator doesn’t need to deal with color, graphics, or effects.


AFTER: Galaxy® eCCB display

Mering commented, “My son operates the sign. He says it’s as fast and easy as texting.” Today, the car wash runs up to 15 messages on its new LED sign. In the past, content stayed up for a week on the manual copy board.

The eCCB also improved the look of the entire facility.

“It’s smart looking, more professional, and enhances our image. Instead of closing down for weeks to remodel the entire facility, I just installed the eCCB,” says Mering.

Share this success story with your potential customers: Jetstream Car Wash.

Also share the Daktronics Galaxy® ECCB Displays brochure.

Thanks for reading. Have you sold an eCCB yet? Please comment!


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