Designed for Easy Set Up: Venus® Control Suite

Venus® Control Suite provides many features your customers will love. But you will love how easy it is to set up the software.

Here’s what Greg Rendall, Sign Source, Chanhassen, Minnesota, had to say about setting up Venus Control Suite:


3M, Cottage Grove, MN, Sign Source, Chanhassen, MN

Using Venus Control Suite is a piece of cake. I brought the radio in, plugged it in the spot predetermined from a site visit, checked my phone, and saw we had a connection.I recently did a job for a large corporation that I’ve worked with before. In the past, getting the displays onto the network involved a lot of red tape, security conversations, dealing with IP addresses and the customer’s firewalls. Venus Control Suite gets rid of these variables. —Greg Rendall, sales, Sign Source, Chanhassen, Minnesota

Flyer-Venus-Control-Suite-Galaxy-GS6-Order-Trajectory-GuideView this document to see how easy the set up process has become: Order Trajectory Guide

Notice that even before you install the display, your end user can open up a Venus Control Suite account and start to create and schedule content. We’ll load their content to the display on the manufacturing floor.

As always, thanks for reading this week’s post. Also, what do you think about Venus Control Suite? We’d love to get your input!



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