New Role For Former Project Manager

Our Out of Home team is pleased to announce the transition of project manager, Brittany Brittany VenekampVenekamp into an OOH sales position. Brittany has been a part of our team for nearly 5 years and has held various influential roles over that time. We sat down with Brittany to get her background and find out what excites her about the future of OOH.

Where Are You From?

Brittany: I’m originally from Ivanhoe, Minnesota. It’s a town of only about 700 people. I came to Brookings, SD as a student at South Dakota State University.

What Is Your Previous Work Experience?

Brittany: I applied at Daktronics while I was a student at SDSU, I was going to school for a Business degree and I wanted to get some experience from a well-known company. After school, I was hired on at Daktronics as an account service manager, managing and maintaining our independent billboard customer’s service expectations within several different regions. I then transitioned into a project manager role in the OOH market, working with our billboard operators to ensure manufacturing, installation and operation of our systems went as planned, on time and on budget.

Can You Describe Your New Role?

Brittany: My new role will consist of assisting with account management for independent customers, helping new customers successfully implement digital advertising displays and I will also be assisting our regional sales staff.

I’m excited about the new technology available today, and the way we can promote the benefits of digital technology to consumers and advertisers. Being able to show customers what we can do for them, from start to finish – it really is a partnership. I have been involved in every aspect of our customers experience and have a detailed knowledge about how all of our processes work, from project management to service, I am eager to transfer that knowledge into my new sales role.

What Is the Favorite Part About Your Job?

Brittany: My favorite part about my job is the enthusiasm brand-new customers have when they are new to digital, I enjoy building a partnership and helping them find the perfect solution. They have so many unknowns, we are the experts that help make it go smoothly for them. I enjoy being a resource, helping customers achieve their business goals, as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

The out of home industry is full of great people, I get to work with traditional outdoor owners and operators, entrepreneurs, investors and others – there is always a new challenge. Every customer is unique as well as their business goals – this is an exciting industry to be in.

Where Do You See the OOH Market Moving in the Next Few Years?

Brittany: I see our customers considering more than traditional looking billboards and putting more emphasis on the overall aesthetics of the display and structure around it. Digital billboards are becoming more creative and are also starting to blend better with their environment, becoming landmarks in some areas.

Also, digital OOH is a fairly new advertising medium, and there are only around 6,500 digital billboards currently installed in the U.S. The opportunity for growth is huge within this market, world-wide.

In terms of static vs. digital displays. I can see more and more Independents embracing digital displays in the near future. Not to replace their static displays, but to complement their current inventory and provide a greater media mix to their advertisers. Advertisers are realizing the benefits of using classic media for branding and digital display technology to communicate real-time information and multiple messages.

What Would You Like Everyone To Know About You?

Brittany: I actually make hand-painted wooden signs in my spare time. They mostly consist of last names or meaningful quotes. I also enjoy photography, spending time with my son Hudson and am a fan of all Minnesota sports teams.

I’m a really big fan of the outdoors. My ideal vacation would be to Australia, because it’s full of adventure and wildlife you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Since you are from MN, when is it appropriate to say “Uff da”?

Ha, you can really use it anytime, if you are surprised, disappointed or overwhelmed. Uff da, these questions are really tough!

Contact Brittany

If you would like to chat with Brittany about some of our products or how she can help position yourself to be successful, you can call her at 605-690-8846 or email her at

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