Instagram Exploring Out of Home Advertising

If a social media giant is going to dip its toes into the world of digital Out of Home, leave itInstagram OOH Advertising to Instagram to make a splash. It was announced last week that Instagram would be launching its first-ever advertising campaign this summer. While the campaign will be running solely in France, Larent Solly, head of Facebook France, was quoted as saying the investment in the campaign is “significant.”

If you are unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a social media platform where users can post photos or videos lasting up to 1 minute. Until recently, Instagram was the most popular social network among teenagers.

An Instagram spokesperson said “Images and videos from everyday French Instagrammers [will be] at the center of the campaign.” While this is going to be exciting for the posters who make it onto the big screens, it is going to be even more exciting for the operators of the digital billboards. Why? With all of these Instagram users posting and hoping to make it on the display, there will be thousands of eyes constantly scanning billboards to see if they make it.

Depending on the level of success Instagram sees from this campaign, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this format extend to other countries in some shape or form. We have talked about how social media can be a driving force for digital Out of Home in the past, and while twitter has dominated that market in the past, it seems Instagram is ready to jump in.

If you want more information on how you can start incorporating social media into your digital billboard content, you can contact a Daktronics sales representative today at

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