Trackman – What is it and how do I integrate it?

When it comes to stats, baseball teams and their fans demand accuracy. Speed of Pitch is always an eye catching stat. Whether the pitch is off speed or a 100 MPH fastball, everyone is observing. Trackman is a new addition to the pitch tracking market making a large splash in both the MLB and MiLB markets.24235014

Trackman uses a unique 3D Doppler radar technology to track pitch velocity, as well as other measurements, and provides the most accurate recording in the sport’s history. The technology has surpassed the speed of pitch readings previously acquired using a radar gun. Trackman has been installed in a majority of MLB stadiums, as well as many MiLB affiliates, Korean, Japanese and amateur baseball organizations. Currently, Trackman is primarily used for player evaluation and development, but is being demanded for displaying in-game. This demand is two-fold; to offer the most accurate reading for fan engagement and to give managers the clearest picture of how a pitcher is performing.

Now, you are asked, ‘Can this demand be met? What is it going to take to get these Trackman Speed of Pitch readings integrated into our ballpark?’ The answer is not simple, but Daktronics is here to help guide you in the process. If you wish to integrate and begin the process, please engage your Regional Application Engineer. They will determine the needed software and hardware for integration, manage the expectations, track and communicate the requests.

This post is by Doug, a Daktronics Regional Application Engineer

This post is by Doug, a Daktronics Regional Application Engineer

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