Preparing for the 2016 fall sport seasons: Content Strategies

Football is Coming! Your schedule is set for the upcoming season and this is the time for preparation. During the next month, we will be publishing a series of football and other fall sport preparation posts that will help our display operators get a great start to the upcoming season.

At the present time, many of our display operators and game production staff are reviewing their content for the coming season. From our experience, it takes time to review and approve any team logo treatments and display layouts.

If you have not yet, we recommend fall sports event producers review their content from previous years and determine what updates are needed.

This would include:

  • Intro Videos – Transitional Elements
  • Logo Treatments – Headshots
  • Crowd Prompts – Templates (customizable by the customer)
  • Sponsorship Pieces – Lower Thirds
  • Replay Bumpers

Know your commitments for the season

Make sure your sponsors are getting the space, time and recognition they are paying for. Meet with your marketing team to ensure sponsorship commitments are fulfilled.

college gameday

Plan an approach to any other special events throughout the season. This can include anything from open houses to televised games. For example, a Daktronics Event Producer previously wrote a post detailing What to Expect when ESPN College GameDay Visits that might interest you or your production team.

Prepare your staff

Common game day responsibilities may include Producer, Director Technical Director, Clip Server Operator, Show Control Operator, Replay Operator, High/Main/Game Camera, Additional Cameras, Grips, Engineer and Audio Engineer.
Keep in mind, each control room staff is different based on your equipment, individual skill sets and type of show you intend to produce.

For information on preparing for your next season, check out the Daktronics LED Video Display Operation Guide. Our Professional Services Team can also provide assistance to many of the above items. To learn more about Daktronics Professional Services, check this post: Embrace changes this fall with Daktronics Professional Services.


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