Preparing for the 2016 fall sport seasons: Display Checks

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We would like to use this quiet time to share display check tips that can be used before the fall sport seasons.
Check your display well in advance of your season. July is one of the busier times of the year when it comes to doing preseason checks. We advise you to start checking the condition of your display for the fall’s busy season as soon as possible.Photo from the Field

Daktronics has recommendations to help assess the condition of your displays before you start the next season. This assessment will help you identify areas that might need attention so they may be reported right away. If you do find something,reach out to customer support so they can keep your displays running at optimum levels for your busy season ahead.

1. Power on your display and control system

Often, the startup and shutdown procedures are documented in your service agreement or provided by a trainer. If you do not have that document handy, sample guides and video of the procedures can be found in this article: What is the proper rack start up procedure?

2. Play test content

After your control system is running, play test patterns or other test content on your displays. The process of playing out test patterns can vary depending on your equipment.

This post was written by Melissa, a Daktronics Field Customer Trainer

3. Inspect your video display(s)
  • While test patterns are playing, examine your display(s) and document any pixels, modules or sections that are stuck on/off.
  • Take note of any visual issues flickering, discoloration, etc.
  • Visually inspect the display(s) and cabinet(s) for any signs of damage or corrosion that may have occurred during the winter. If your display has been impacted by extreme weather during the off season, this post might be helpful: How to respond if your display has been impacted by extreme weather.
  • Listen for any damaged or non-working cooling fans.
4. Check your fixed digit display(s)
  • Power on the control console used to control the fixed digit display.
  • Verify all segments are illuminating on scoreboard with all on Test Code
    • The test pattern will allow you to locate any LED’s that are not lighting up or are stuck on. After inspecting, return to normal use by entering your in-game code.
  • If your All Sport is not communicating, verify your radio broadcast and channel settings. Refer to this article for more information: Scoreboard is blank, All Sport radio cannot connect, using wrong broadcast and channel settings.
  • Verify the correct data plays on the fixed digit display by playing out test data.
  • We also advise you to visually inspect the display cabinets for any scratch’s, dents or abnormalities.

Did you find something? Contact us.

Non-urgent Service Requests


If you have a non-urgent need, you can request assistance from Daktronics Customer Service online.


We make every effort to respond to these requests within one business day. (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm Central Time


Submit a Service Request

Urgent Service Request

The fastest way to contact customer support is to call us. We are available 24/7/365.


The quickest way to reach a Technician is to call 866-343-6018 and press option 2.

Our phones are always open, but the best time to reach us is 8-10 am CST.

If you are unable to hold, you will have an option to leave your phone number and a short message, and the next available associate will call you back.

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