New to the Market: LED Sign Offers Easy Messaging and Lower Electricity Bills


New Galaxy® eCCB product

Wait for it
Benita Baus, an A&W restaurant owner, was more than ready to replace her manually changeable copy board. But, “Just wait,” said her sign company. They knew a completely new product was coming to market, the Galaxy® eCCB.

It was worth waiting for, because the eCCB perfectly met her guidelines.

“I needed something big, simple, and eye catching to be my number one way of advertising. The eCCB definitely is worth the money. The next step up, an electronic sign with graphics, was just too much for my budget,” says Baus.

Change content in a snap
Baus says that now she enjoys messaging, and not only because an electronic sign is nice to have in a cold weather area.

“It’s so easy to post the daily special to run 10:30–2:00 or limited-time offerings through A&W. We also publish support for our teachers and local sports teams,” she says.

Added bonus: lower energy bills
Once installed and in use, Baus discovered another great product feature: energy efficiency.

“People notice the sign because it’s lit up. We leave it on 24/7 because my electrician told me running the new electronic sign day and night was cheaper than running my old manual copy board,” says Baus.

Share this success story, A&W, Webster, South Dakota. (Scroll down to view quotes; take time to see the quotes scroll.)

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