Digital Display Operators Need to Connect with the Video Game Industry

We are a technology company with a lot of tech-minded people, and let’s be honest, during any typical day you will overhear or participate in a conversation on the latest video game craze. Technology-minded people aren’t the only ones who enjoy video games though. Just look at the Pokémon Go craze that is sweeping the world!

What does this mean for the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) market? Opportunity!

While more and more industries are testing out the capabilities of DOOH advertising, the video game industry has yet to make a big splash.

The face of what we used to consider a “gamer” has changed drastically over the past decade. This audience has grown from a very concentrated group to being a cultural norm.
According to the Entertainment Software Association:

  • Average age of someone who plays games:
    31 years old
  • More gamers are over the age of 36 than between the ages of 18 to 35
  • Men are still the majority, but only by 4%

With this report finding that 59% of Americans play video games, this audience is absolutely gigantic.

With the dramatic rise of online ad blocking, a primary source of reaching this audience is quickly closing. Now is the time to show the gaming industry how they can grow their customer base, and their revenue, by engaging with their audiences through DOOH means.

We strongly encourage all digital billboard operators to reach out to gaming companies and/or agencies about the potential of advertising on digital displays. Here is a list of the Top 50 Video Game Makers:

Video game makers have amazing graphics and content at their fingertips. Here are some content ideas to enhance your sales pitch:

Local Advertisers: Go beyond game makers, local advertisers can benPokemon Go Digital Billboardefit.

  • Coffee Shop “Get Caffeinated Across from a Pokéstop”
  • Convenience Store “BE SAFE – Don’t Drive and Pokémon Go, Exit 24”
  • Local Pub “Tuesday Lan Party, $4 Select Brews”


Distributors: You should also reach out to the distributors of video games.

  • Countdowns to release dates
  • How many copies currently left in stock
  • Line wait times or wait times until next shipment
  • Show pricing

Game Makers:

  • Use dynamic data “Now playing,” “Countdown, Days to Launch”
  • Promote special codes or offers
  • Change content regularly
  • Promote multiple product offerings
  • Engage audience with contests or polls and show live results

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