Catalog Content from Daktronics Creative Services

Are you interested in professional looking content but have a limited budget? Would you like to enhance your production but don’t have the time or skill set to create animations? If your answer is yes, then we have the perfect solution for you: Catalog Content.

Daktronics Creative Services offers several different options in our catalog:

Standard Catalog

Whatever the sport, whatever the play, you can excite your fans with high-impact animations from the Standard Catalog. This catalog offers hundreds of high quality, predesigned options to fit your budget and timeline. Just because they’re predesigned doesn’t mean they’re not flexible, since every option can easily be resized for any display in your venue. Put on a big-time show without spending big-time dollars with this catalog library and give your fans moments to celebrate.

Click here to view samples of Standard Catalog animations.Catalog Standard

Branded Catalog

The Branded Catalog is the most cost-effective solution to creating a focused game day experience. With several styles to choose from the possibilities are limitless. These animations can easily be adjusted to match your team colors, include your team logo and incorporate custom slogans or messaging. Because they’re adaptable to any display size, you can create a branded takeover to elevate the moment and unite your fans. With this library the opportunity to quickly build and present a cohesive show is at your fingertips.

Click here to view samples of Branded Catalog animations.

Catalog Clean

Fan Cams

Fans want fun and Cams are how you bring it! With the assortment of Fan Cams in the Branded Catalog, you’ll have a unique and engaging way to make your fans part of the show by bringing them front and center. This catalog has crowd favorites like the Kiss Cam and Dance Cam, but also includes memorable options like the Mustache Cam and Veteran of the Game Cam. All Cams are customizable for any display and you can include team or partner logos if needed. Some can also be adjusted to match your team colors or other elements in your show.

Click here to view samples of Fan Cams.

Games & Races

Your fans love winning as much as the team does, so give them another reason to scream and shout. From shuffles to puzzles to finish lines, the games and races are the surefire way to grab their attention and increase participation. Our catalog games can be customized for your team or even monetized for a premier sponsor. Choose your colors, include a logo or create your own title with a variety of interesting games that even allow you to choose your own winners.

Click here to view samples of Games & Races.

Do you have working knowledge of Adobe After Effects? If so, then we can deliver templates for a small fee. For pricing information or to place an order send an e-mail to

This post is by Brett from Creative Services.

This post is by Brett from Creative Services.

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