2016 NFL Updates

The season that many sports enthusiasts live for is just around the corner. The NFL preseason is underway and week one of the regular season begins September 8th. Daktronics NFL customers have been hard at work preparing for their time to shine, whether opening a new state-of-the-art stadium in Minneapolis, or burning the midnight oil in Cleveland to raise the bar on a well-established production.

Also this season, the Rams, who have called St. Louis their home since 1995, have moved to Los Angeles and will play in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the next few seasons while a new permanent facility is built.

This geographic change for the Rams means a few updates for all NFL users who show out-of-town scores using SportsWire, and an update for the Daktronics database for the GSIS interface.

SportsWire Team Code, Location and Short Name for the Rams must be edited:

This change must only be made once and should be made in all instances of the SportsWire software.

  1. From the Driver tab, click Driver Configurations…
  2. Click on the Teams tab
  3. Edit the following information for team 29 (Rams)
    • Code: LA
    • Location: Los Angeles
    • Short Name: LA
  4. If you utilize MediaRTD for team logos on your out-of-town display(s), you will need to change the file name for the Rams. This includes users who use the NFL Out-of-Town Graphics GeneratorRams Old_New

Daktronics GSIS Interface database should be updated:

This change must only be made once and will be made by a Daktronics technician (local or remote) during preseason checks.


Once your changes are made, your system will be that much closer to kickoff for the 2016 season!


Helpful KB articles for the NFL users include:

How to do a Pre-Event Check for Professional Football Systems?

What Content Studio RTD Fields Are Available for Football? (NFL)



This post was written by Adam- Daktronics Field Customer Trainer

This post was written by Adam- Daktronics Field Customer Trainer






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