Keep your control system secure

Over the last few years, the evolution of malware has significantly advanced to the point that traditional Anti-Virus just isn’t enough anymore (I.E. Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, etc.) There are roughly one million new malware threats created each day.

Fortunately, control rooms with Daktronics components have not seen many of these threats that could infect endpoints (workstations/laptops/servers). With that being said, we want to make you are aware of potential threats and are taking precautions to keep your system safe.


Things to consider in keeping your system secure:

Any new content should be malware free. It is advised that it is pre-validated or created from scratch. Check with your IT department for anti-malware recommendations.

There are several options for transferring content files onto your controller.

  • USB sticks can be useful, but pose the risk of carrying previously installed viruses and malware with them.
  • Web browsing to cloud share sites carry the risk of presenting advertisements with malware on them.
  • Daktronics recommends SFTP to a controlled, secure site using a dedicated SFTP client, such as WinSCP.

Other recommendations:

  • Avoid playing games or browsing the web on the control system.
  • Resist checking Facebook and instant messaging.

Check with your IT department to determine the best anti-malware solution for your system.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!
Non-Urgent service requests

MySupportIf you have a non-urgent need, you can create a MySupport account to view your open service cases, create a new case and check the status of parts or service orders. Access MySupport

For non-urgent requests, you can also use our service request form. We make every effort to respond to these requests within one business day (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm Central Time). In most cases, the response time is less than four hours. Submit a Service Request

Urgent Service Requests

The fastest way to contact customer support is to call us. To help expedite your call:

  • Have your case number available if one has been assigned to you.
  • If you require technical assistance to trouble-shoot your system, please call from where the equipment is located and have everything connected and powered up.

United States & Canada 1-800-325-8766

Outside US & Canada +1-605-697-4000

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

This post is by Danielle, Daktronics Trainer.

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