Fall Is for Football and Foliage

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again! Fall is the best time of the year for football fans, so you should definitely take advantage of the situation.

You see, football is about camaraderie, spending time with your family and friends, all cheering for the same team, the same goal. And like any tradition that brings family and friends together, it’s about the food!


If you have a Daktronics display, then you are in great shape for football season! Here are a few ideas for you to run with. If you are a bar or restaurant, then use your display to advertise your specials during the game or that you are televising the game!


If you are at a convenience store or grocery store, then use your display to let football fans know they can get all their tailgating snacks and drinks at your store!


If you are at a school, then be sure to use your display to let everyone know what time the big game starts, where it’s at, and who you’re playing!


Trainer Tip:  If you have a display at the football field, then put up the Stars & Stripes so we can all stand up and pay our respects while the National Anthem is played.

You see, no matter where you’re working there is almost certainly a way to incorporate football season into your ad campaign. For example, if you are selling tires, then let your potential customers know that you are selling the official tire of the NFL!


Autumn is also a very beautiful time of the year. The leaves are all changing colors, giving us some truly breathtaking views and scenery to behold before winter sets in. If you enjoy the fall foliage, then you should check out your Daktronics Media Kit!

There is a nature category that has a very pretty file with differently colored fall leaves. Put it up on your display to really get people’s attention.


If you enjoy your media kit and would like to see even more potential images or videos to put on your display, then be sure to visit our e-commerce site where we have tons of content that you can purchase or even acquire for FREE!



We hope you found this post full of helpful ideas to liven up your ad campaign! If you enjoy our blog, then click on the orange “Receive Email Updates” button on the right side of the webpage to subscribe!

Thanks for reading!

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