Long Time Customer Sees Massive Power Savings

If you’re an Independent billboard operator and you’ve never heard of Fred Derby of Digital Outdoor from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, he is somewhat of a historical figure within the outdoor industry.

Back in 2005, Fred Derby purchased back-to-back DB-1000 digital billboard from us, becoming one of the first true Independent Billboard operators to purchase a digital display. After a little over 10 years, Fred was ready to replace his old, aging units and decided to put his trust in Daktronics again and purchased one of our newer DB-5000 models.


DB-5000 Module


We had a quick interview with Fred to see how he’s liking his new product and also why he decided to go with Daktronics again after all these years.


What do you enjoy about your new product?

Fred: “In the first month of operation, my overall power consumption is down by more than 50%. Dustin had said that would be the case, but it was still amazing to see. The software definitely has some great features. We were able to take the existing ads we already had, and the software reformatted them to fit the new displays resolution. We didn’t have to redo any of our artwork.”

How would you describe your experience with Daktronics?

Fred: “Daktronics was helpful and accommodating 11 years ago, and it was the same this time around. The sales experience was just as good as it was 11 years ago; and you haven’t changed your company’s philosophy. You always came through with the answers I was looking for and made yourselves very available which made the whole experience very enjoyable for me.”

We couldn’t be happier with the news that Fred is enjoying his new displays and has stayed a loyal Daktronics customer after all of these years. We’re looking forward to checking back in with Fred again down the road to see how these new digital billboards are performing for him.

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