The LED Signs People Want: Part 1 of 3


Heritage Green, Greenville, South Carolina DVX-1830 SMD display

Although many vendors will help you hang an LED sign, a sign company really needs a digital display supplier that will stay in touch and help you grow your business.

Daktronics has been working with sign companies for 40 years now. One thing we do to boost your success selling LED signs is to keep an eye on developing trends. We make sure you have the products the public is asking for.

Tighter pixel pitch

One LED sign trend is tighter pixel pitch for short viewing distances. People want a display capable of showing amazing graphics. As end users become more computer savvy, they expect to import a wide variety of images, graphics and photos that look great.

The perfect product

Maybe in the past you couldn’t offer a product to customers who wanted incredible images for close viewing. We’re excited to tell you that we now have the perfect product for them.

The Galaxy® DVX-1830 10 mm video display features SMD technology and high-quality images. We’ve been working with SMD technology for years, providing video displays for demanding professional sports and Times Square venues.

Discover more in the DVX-1830 brochure.

View DVX-1830 spec sheet.

Visit the DVX-1830 web page.

Thank you for reading this post. Please be looking for other features the public want in LED signs parts 2 and 3!

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