2016 MLB post-season stats

Post-season baseball creates unique opportunities to show your fans player statistics that are not available during the regular season.

With GameDay Baseball, operators can opt to download and display regular season stats, playoff stats or series stats.

Here are some resources that explain how to download and display playoff stats:
  • This Knowledge Base article provides directions for how to download postseason stats through Daktronics GameDay Baseball.
  • For general information on GameDay, we have a tutorial called Introduction to GameDay Baseball. This will guide you through the process of how to download season and career stats for MLB and MiLB into formats used in conjunction with DakStats and DMP-7000 and DMP-8000 systems.


Other post season tips:
  • Don’t display all zeros on your playoff game. The regular season stats option keeps the stats from being all zeros. With this option selected, new stats entered during playoff games will NOT be updated in the regular season totals. You will either have all zeros that update throughout the game or regular season stats that will not update. Current game stats are not affected.
  • Take advantage of extra space on your out-of-town scoreboard. There will not be as many teams playing post-season, so consider updating your content to get the most from your display area.
  • Check out this post for all of Daktronics MLB post-season services. MLB post-season services

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