The LED Signs Customers Want: Part 2 of 3


Example of Media Kit pieces

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at industry trends.

The first trend is definitely tighter and tighter pixel pitch. So, you’ll want a vendor that  offers a reliable, high-res display.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at the second trend in this 3-part series: easy access to outstanding content. It makes sense that sign owners want great content for their high-resolution displays.

Some sign owners have a digital artist on staff or can afford to outsource. But where can smaller businesses and non-profits get good content?

Count on us to keep an eye on trends. We want all your customers to get what they need to be successful. So, we design software and provide professionally created content with them in mind.

We’re thinking about a busy owner. Or a busy employee suddenly in charge of  the new sign. That’s why every one of our displays comes with a free Media Kit, and we have a free and for-sale online store. Our Creative Services team also offers custom logo treatments, animations, and text.

Talk to your LED sign provider and find out what content they offer your customer. Explain to them that using pre-made content will make  message creation  faster, and the content will look great.

Remember, content is important to your customers, but to you, as well. You want the signs you’ve installed to look good and increase your business.

Thanks for reading and discover what the third trend is soon!




  1. […] What’s the third trend? In the first two posts of this series, we blogged about trends towards tighter pixel pitches and access to outstanding content. […]


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