Use the New Product Catalog for Faster Quoting

product-catalog-blogDownload a copy of the new product catalog, Digital Display Solutions 2016–2017, today. Ask your Daktronics rep for hard copies.

With all the information at your fingertips, you can pull a quote together faster. Quickly match up your customer’s specific needs with what’s available:

  • Full-color and monochrome displays
  • Product family descriptions
  • Viewing distances charts
  • Matrix charts
  • Communication options

Also use the product catalog to show your customers installation photos from a wide variety of niches, leasing information, content options, and LED technology facts. We added tabbing along the sides for easy navigation between catalog sections.

New additions to the catalog include SMD (surface-mount device) technology information and our DVX-1830 product. Also, take note that white LEDs are now available for the Fuelight petroleum displays.

These resources will help you, too:

Thanks for reading this post. Please comment if you have any ideas about sales lit you need that we don’t offer.

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