‘Tis the Season to Be . . . Ready!

The holiday season is upon us at last! Halloween and Veterans Day have both come and gone, and now we look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year!

When I say look forward, what I really mean is plan ahead. Obviously, it is important to plan ahead for the holidays. Make sure you bought enough food for your magnificent Thanksgiving feast, and buy all your Christmas presents ahead of time before they are sold out.

While these are all smart ideas, and I do recommend getting out in front of the upcoming holidays as much as you can, that’s still not what this week’s blog is about.

“Well then, what is it going to be about?!” you are probably asking yourself right about now.

It’s about planning a successful ad campaign to put on your display for this holiday season! Now, let’s get started!!

Black Friday

We have posted about Black Friday in the past, and we highly recommend that you read those posts for more great information. But in this post, we specifically cover how to prep for the upcoming shopping day.

On Black Friday, people are out and about trying to get all or most of their holiday shopping done. That means many more eyes than usual will be seeing your display. If you plan on taking advantage of the situation, first take stock of what you have.

Do you have any of this season’s hottest or most popular items in stock?  Do you have any special sales going on?  Will you be operating during different hours over the holidays? If you answered yes to any of these questions, get those messages up on your display right away!

Also, if you have any messages currently running on your display that you plan on playing during Black Friday, spruce them up a little bit! Change the background or text color if you can, rephrase your message, or apply different transitions. Any changes you make will more likely catch people’s eyes when they pass by. People have a tendency to stop looking at the same stale content day after day, so take this opportunity to freshen things up!

Free Holiday Content

Like I mentioned earlier, Halloween is over. Are you ready for what comes next?  Sales from the upcoming holiday season could be 30% of your total yearly sales. In November and December, retail sales might exceed last years by 3.6%–that’s $655.8 billion!

Get your share of all this crazy holiday spending. Take the time to plan a campaign using your LED sign. An on-premise display is a retailer’s most cost-effective medium. LED displays help you communicate to the right audience As FAST As You Can and better than any other advertising medium.


Be sure to watch your email in the next day or so for a FREE offer from us for professionally created holiday content that’ll attract passersby and keep your messages fresh:

Avoid the holiday rush! Download from our online store today. The price is FREE through the end of November. And be sure to visit our e-commerce site to view all the rest of our free content as well!

Daktronics Thanksgiving Hours

Speaking of planning ahead and avoiding the rush this holiday season, Daktronics will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday 11/24/16 and Friday 11/25/16.  However, just because we are closed doesn’t mean that you can’t get help. We have some really great online resources available for you to use:

Goodbye until next time. Travel safely during this busy time of year. Thanks for reading!

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