Production Hacks: Green Screen DIY

If you’re on a budget and might not have the funds to splurge on a green screen, don’t stress yourself out about it. Of course, there are green screens out there for varying costs, but you can save more money by making your own.

Green screens are used for many different reasons – headshots, videos, commercials and so on, so you can see why they come in handy. Let’s take a look at some of the different options you have when it comes to doing it yourself:

  • Paint a bright green wall in the room you’ll be filming in
  • Purchase a green bed sheet in the size you need
  • Find a green sheet of fabric from your local hobby store
  • Tape together green poster boards, as needed
    • Neon green poster and duct tape work best

Keep in mind, each of the above needs to be a solid green color – close to the chroma key color – for this to work. You can then either attach your materials to your wall or find a way to hang them. You’ll want to make sure no objects or clothing matches this color since it will be replaced when you get around to editing the video or graphic.

Start with what you have and what you can afford. The rest will fall into place. Join us next week to read about how to best light your green room.


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