48 Years Ago: A New Kind of Learning Arose

When you look at choosing a vendor, you usually check out their credentials – how long they’ve been in business, product prices, services offered and so on. But do you really linger long enough on how long the company has been doing what they’re doing or is it just another check on your checklist?

Our team didn’t start where we are today. In fact, we started 48 years ago this month in a little garage.


It all started when our founders Al Kurtenbach and Duane Sander dug deep into their pockets to come up with $1,000 each for this brand new business in 1968. As professors at South Dakota State University, Kurtenbach and Sander wanted to provide careers for graduating students.

Their vision and goals made Daktronics what it is today. Not only are current and graduating students working to serve you, but now students in high schools receiving our products are getting involved to make their school and community a place of learning – not just something that starts and ends at the local school’s doors.

We are more than a scoreboard manufacturer and more than a corporation. We’re your team – there for you and your students when you need us.

  1. Daktronics has blessed our family for many years. My cousin (who was disabled) worked there back in the 70’s and my niece is now working in their HR dept. So proud of this company!


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