Use These Videos to Boost Sales

blog-version74% of businesses say video drives sales more effectively than any other medium. * The video marketing trend has transformed how customers decide to buy. It’s not surprising—most people love pictures more than words. Who can resist that play button?

Did you know you have access to an entire library of videos on our website? It’s fast and easy to use, too. A video gets customers excited about buying and using an LED sign.

You can quickly find a video of:

The next time you plan to talk to a prospective customer, or to send them an email, be ready to share. Navigate to the site and find the videos you need:

  • Project Gallery
  • Click on “Videos,” top, right-hand corner
  • Choose “Commercial and Advertising” from the “All Markets” pull down.
  • Choose your video and copy the web address.
  • Paste into the email to your customer.

Add videos to your arsenal of sales resources!

*Lessard, Tyler. “The Year in Video Marketing and What to Expect in 2016,” December 8, 2015. MarketingProfs <

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