A content evolution, advanced data triggers

Good content creates awareness to key elements (data, partner messaging, team branding) in a heavily saturated environment. It gives audiences an opportunity to be informed without disturbing the fan experience.

Daktronics DMP-8000 series players combine our extensive data sources with the ability to play dynamic stats and game in progress information with a new feature called Enhanced Dynamic Content (EDC). This playback technology is focused on data feeds that delivers graphic transitions, real time data effects and playback layers to your displays (video or ribbon). If you have used our data triggering in the past, EDC provides opportunities to take that to the next level!


Broadcast quality overlay graphics and an emerging focus on data reactive graphics are leading a content evolution in the industry today. Data is mandatory and it’s everywhere; if you don’t have it, fans will find it elsewhere. So taking advantage of this information and showcasing it in away that draws your fans in is a must.

Take a look at the demo reel to get a glimpse of what we are talking about:

To learn more about this type of content contact the Daktronics Professional Services team today at Professional.Services@daktronics.com.


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