What’s new for baseball in 2017?

The baseball software updates are available for the season.  Here are some of the updates for DakStats Baseball and DSTI:

Show Lineup Scoring Decision


With this feature enabled, the Home/Guest Lineup # AVG field will show a players at-bat result for the current inning.

When is this available? This was released on February 24, 2017.

Who can use this? This feature can be used with DakStats Baseball / DSTI systems.  This includes high school to professional levels.

Details: An option has been added to show either ‘Season Batting Average’ or ‘Current Inning Score Decision’ for each batter for the current half inning.   This requires an update to both Dakstats Baseball (version 4.89) and DSTI (version  To achieve this look, build content with the season average field in Content Studio and enable the option in the DSTI configuration menu.


Runner on 2nd Rule

For those in the leagues experimenting with the “runner on 2nd rule”, we have posted instructions for how to enter plays here.

Trackman Integration

Don’t forget, minor league baseball teams integrating with Trackman need have their feed approved and licensed for stadium use.  This is done by the MLB operations group. Please ensure this has been done before any Daktronics integration can occur.

Reach out to your account manager today to schedule time to license and update your programs for the season.  For non-urgent service requests, use the Daktronics MySupport Portal.



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