Back to the Future, Leading the Way in Digital Out of Home

At Daktronics, we make the statement that we are pioneers in the LED industry. It’s part of the culture here and something we are very proud of. 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the first digital billboard we manufactured and shipped. We have learned a lot since then that has made our products the premium they are today.

Putting our knowledge to work

When we introduced our DB-5000 series almost two years ago, we also introduced the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) world to a product that has revolutionized the industry. Our targeted LED was something no manufacturer had ever released and consumers quickly took notice of the benefits.



By re-directing light down from the LEDs towards your target audience, image quality saw a dramatic increase, as well as overall brightness. All of this was accomplished without having to increase power consumption. In fact, some of our customers could reduce their power costs because of the technological advances this new LED provided.

We took advantage of our years of industry knowledge dating back to the early 2000’s when we started to paint our modules with a proprietary non-reflective coating. In 2009 we drastically reduced our display’s power consumptions, sealed all our modules, added a fail-safe brightness control and introduced a diagnostic monitoring system that would survey down to the pixel level.

Two years later, we are still the only manufacturer that provides high-quality LEDs that target light output and the highest display brightness with displays shipping at 8,500 nits while still bolstering the lowest power consumption. Our DB-5000 is our best-looking display to date, it is also the most reliable product we have ever manufactured at 99.9% reliability. That is the reason we are already working on the next big advancement for the DOOH industry. At Daktronics, we’re pioneers, and we don’t settle for anything less than great.

Introducing the DB-6400

The DB-6400 further expands upon all of these amazing features we have added over the years and provides the incredible reliability our customers have come to love from the DB-5000 series while also introducing some exciting new additions.Brightness Guarantee

Our DB-6400 now comes with a standard, 10-year brightness guarantee. We ship our displays at 8,500 nits, over 13% higher than the rest of the industry, and we guarantee that your display’s brightness will be at least 5,000 nits at year 10. In fact, it takes 5 years for our displays to even dim to the levels that our competition ships at.

Also, new to the DB-6400 series is Snap auto-blending calibration. Snap calibration is a sophisticated algorithm which automatically adjusts replacement modules to match surrounding display modules, providing the most brilliant lifetime image quality in the industry.

Learn more

With all of these additions, this new series is the most full-featured, most reliable display we have ever released and still offers the absolute best image quality in the industry.

To get more information about this new product, email or visit our website at You can also read the news release here.

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