Are You Selling the LED Sign Everyone Wants?

An exceptional new LED sign on the market is opening revenue streams for sign companies everywhere: the Galaxy® eCCB.  This product gives manually changeable copy board users an option for a cost-effective upgrade.

Manual copy boards, the down side

They’re hard to use. The employee updating the sign searches for letters and numbers while standing on a ladder, sometimes in bad weather. The result? Stale messages.

As far as curb appeal goes, copy boards can be an uninviting mess of missing, mismatched or broken, old tiles. Also, the technology is outdated.

What’s in it for you?

A manual copy board’s negative features, combined with the affordable Galaxy eCCB’s features, opens sales opportunities everywhere.

No problem handling all the orders you get! The Galaxy eCCB is easy to install. It’s plug and play and uses existing site power and structure. A control setup isn’t needed.

Watch this time lapse installation video to see what we mean.

 Why customers love this product

The Galaxy eCCB is the perfect entry-level option for retailers and nonprofits who want an electric sign, but not a full-color, multi-featured one.

Operation is a snap—use any Wi-Fi-ready device. And it can be updated from inside the facility. Plus, the messages always look great. The operator doesn’t need to worry about font styles, color, effects or graphics. The Galaxy eCCB is red monochrome text only, and the pre-selected font is highly readable.

Saved-for-the-webtThis product introduction video shows potential customers what the Galaxy eCCB offers them.

“I needed something big, simple, and eye catching to be my number one way of advertising. The eCCB is definitely worth the money. The next step up, an electronics sign with graphics, was just too much for my budget.” –Benita Baus, owner A&W, Webster, South Dakota

Think of all the opportunities in your area for this exciting new product: municipalities, convenience stores, retailers, schools, restaurants, and worship.

This spring, share the sales resources below and get those orders coming in!


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