Can You Hear Me Now?

Indoor sound is crucial to getting fans excited as well as catching their attention with so much going on at once. From quirky noises when a player scores to important announcements during half time, you want the crowd to hear you loud and clear. The last thing you need is an old system full of static bringing your game day down.

Let’s take a look at what an indoor sound system can do for you:


Our Sportsound® 150 sound system provides audio for a variety of indoor facilities. Permanently wall-mounted, this system can act as a static display, showcasing advertisements or customized graphics on its printable mesh.


  • Cost effective option for gymnasiums up to 120′ x 120′ (37 m x 37 m)
  • Complete audio system – all components in one location for ease of installation
  • Durable sound cabinet protects internal speaker components from air-filled sport balls
  • Crossover and equalization already configured for easy setup, even for first-time buyers
  • Separate, lockable control enclosure allows for easy access while keeping components secure
  • Printable mesh for school identification or for generating sponsor revenue for your school

To learn more about this sound system and others, check out our site for more information.


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