Top 5 Quirky Minor League Team Names

“What’s in a name?” This is a very good question posed in a very famous Shakespeare play. I’m putting my own spin on that question as baseball season begins. Minor league teams tend to get creative with their team names, even changing them for a single day for a fun experience and change of pace. A perfect example is this year’s “Food Feud” between Bacon and Tacos, otherwise known as the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and the Fresno Grizzlies. (SPOILER ALERT: more on one of these teams later!)

DragonsWhile some teams have classic names, such as the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, I’m
going to focus on the more interesting team names for this post. I’ll start with a few honorable mentions that just have a great ring to them or are just plain fun: New Orleans Baby Cakes, Lowell Spinners and Dayton Dragons. Now, there are many, many teams out there. If your favorite isn’t mentioned, I’ll try to do better next time.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 quirky minor league team names:TBones

  1. Kansas City T-Bones – Just the sound of it makes my mouth water. And I’ll bring that hunger to the games where they’ll sell me on plenty of concessions as I take in some baseball. T-Bones. It also projects toughness and intimidation, doesn’t it?
  1. Wichita Wingnuts – Bringing alliteration to your team name helps it roll off the tongue. And what a fun name – Wingnuts. Are they crazy? Maybe crazy good at baseball as they’ve been champs of their division for six years straight and counting. Either way, I’m on board with this hardware team name.Wingnuts
  1. Akron RubberDucks – Previously the Aeros, the RubberDucks moved from one good name to another. Saying their name makes me feel young, like when I ran around outside all summer long. It’s like an invitation for people to get outside, enjoy the sun and watch America’s favorite pastime. It just screams fun. And I like fun.
  1. Montgomery Biscuits – Bold move with this team name. They’re not trying to intimidate anyone; they’re more likely trying to say, “Everyone enjoys a biscuit, so come enjoy our team!” Their logo is an animated biscuit with butter in its mouth! It doesn’t get much better than that, folks…
  1. Lehigh Valley IronPigs – …until you realize there are Iron Pigs! This name has both the intimidation factor and the inviting appeal. It sounds tough but includes an animal which is associated with bacon. Again, something everyone loves!IronPigs.jpg

There you have it. From T-Bones to IronPigs and everything in between. Have a great summer and enjoy some baseball!


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