Reliability Lab Inside Look: Easter Egg Meltdown

Our dedicated, hardworking reliability lab engineers test a high volume of raw materials, LEDs, modules and full display sections every single day. With several years of experience (some with decades), they’ve seen a lot of testing results and love conducting experiments to continuously explore new methods of building our displays. Gathering high quality data for our product development teams requires vigilant consistency and repetition with testing procedures. Every once in a while though, this group gets to channel their collective inner mad scientist and mix up the routine.

One day, a curious question was posed: how long would consumer-grade plastic last in our highly accelerated lifetime testing chamber? Just in time for Easter, they decided to go off script and test out their question on a plastic egg. Watch what happened:



Consumer-grade plastic Easter egg—:41

We hope your Easter eggs have a better fate than this one! Our displays certainly stand up to the heat better. To take an inside look at the innovative ways we push our technology to its limits, check out our reliability lab

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