Adding New Tech to Your Control Room? First, Consider These 3 Things

Every year, the digital industry introduces next-generation technologies that provide fresh, creative ways to deliver a memorable fan experience.  The value of new technology lies not only in the creative spark it introduces, but also in your team’s ability to put it to work effectively. Below are three things to consider when evaluating new tech to add to your control room:

1) What do you want to achieve with your system?

Large video display content trends continue to center around creating a unique fan experience through elements like interactive games, increased use of stats, 3D animations, real-time social media and interactive digital art.

You can refresh the fan experience with these trends in many different ways and the industry provides more and more vendors to choose from every year. Having clear goals for your game-day show helps you sort through all the options, and you may even save money if your system already has the required functionality to meet your goals.

2)  How does the new technology work with your existing system?

It’s important to look at your control room as a master plan, rather than a gear collection. Many factors can impact the effectiveness of your new technology, including age of display computers, age of video switcher/replay equipment and size/resolution of your display, to name a few.

Looking at your control room as a system when evaluating new tech additions also includes looking at how your team’s workflow may change. Your control system specialist can work with you to evaluate compatibility of new tech with your existing system, saving time and money by avoiding rework.

3)  What technical resources will you need?

Most product demonstrations showcase only the product features, but often you need manpower to implement what you saw in the demo. Does your team have staff to do this or have you discussed with the technology provider how new features can be implemented?

If you are currently using a Daktronics system, our Professional Services team would be happy to meet with you to observe your game-day production and evaluate your current system. Our experienced team members tour control rooms across the world, evaluating new and innovative ways to bring the best experience to sports fans.

Contact us to schedule a visit!

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