It’s NFL Draft Day and Daktronics Is On the Clock

Hope. It’s something every NFL team has right now. The Patriots finished an epic comeback in February to bring home another championship. For 30 teams, the offseason began weeks before that final game and preparation activities for the next season are year-round endeavors. This week, one of the most anticipated offseason activities takes place in Philadelphia – the NFL draft.

This year, much like the past two years in Chicago, Daktronics will be controlling the draft clock as it counts down the time remaining for each team to make their selections. Daktronics control equipment will also be sending content to the displays on the stage. For support during those pivotal moments, Daktronics technicians will be on site keeping a close eye on the equipment ensuring everything runs smoothly as each team continues to piece together their future roster.

Preparations for next season aren’t only focused on assembling the best players and team, they also include building the best atmosphere for fans – which, in turn, can have a positive effect on the team during the game. Loud, rowdy crowds have been linked to numerous False Start penalties as players can’t hear each other prior to the snap of the ball. One major component of the atmosphere is something fans look at throughout the entire game for replays, statistics and more – the video displays.Concept_MBS_HaloFalcons

Currently, six teams are adding Daktronics LED technology to their stadiums for the 2017 season – Lions, Falcons, Steelers, Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots. The Falcons are ushering in a new stadium on the heels of their appearance in the championship game. Mercedes-Benz Stadium will feature the never-been-done-before, largest video scoreboard in the world – the Halo Display. The 61,900-square-foot video display is sure to grab fans attention and create a wow factor at every game.Lions Endzone_Display Cropped

The Lions are upgrading their existing end zone displays to a three-display configuration and adding super column displays in two corners of the stadium. Each end zone will feature enough LED display space to put Ford Field in the top 10 of all professional football stadiums.

These battlegrounds are being prepared for the next wave of young talent to join your favorite team on the gridiron where Hope can become Glory in a few short months when the regular season kicks off. Enjoy the draft!


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  1. You forgot to mention that the Ravens are installing new video boards in 2017. I guess that was an innocent omission????LoL!


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