Fan Engagement

In this series of articles, we will explore 10 different pervasive and urgent challenges facing stadium and arena owners/operators today along with solutions that address each. One could argue the specific position in priority order of the challenges that will be discussed but no one would disagree that these are near the top of everyone’s list.

Challenge Three: We are competing with television sports coverage, second screen options and the comfort of the couch to get fans into the seats on game day.

Entertaining, Informing and Persuading fans is becoming a more sophisticated challenge and one that requires a comprehensive strategy where our digital display assets and workflows work together seamlessly to reach fans in ever more engaging ways to keep them coming back for more.

It starts with telling your story. Not a story you make up to sell products, fans see right through that stuff – your unique story. Sports franchises and venues are in an enviable position to do just that; often possessing personalities, traditions and legends that are the lore and the lure to fans.

Digital Media assets and displays are the on-premise communication medium piece to a comprehensive fan engagement strategy. Employing spectacular LED video displays from enormous to simply huge, incredible audio systems, Digital Signage, Digital Menus, an IPTV Network and binding them together with common workflow tools is just the recipe and what Daktronics does. You won’t get that experience in your living room!

Tell your story.

Fan engagement

Daktronics is the world leader in providing audio and visual communication systems designed to inform, engage and entertain audiences in live event venues. I’ll bet you didn’t even know that we cover the whole venue from the world’s largest LED screens to Digital Signs and Menus to IPTV and Video Walls – heck, we can even tell you if a parking space is available. Let us show you how an end to end digital fan engagement strategy can help you get fans into your seats and keep them coming back for more.

Every opportunity to keep your fans connected to the action, to each other and to direct them toward rewarding experiences during their visit to your facility is important – Every Moment Matters.


This article is by Bill Hadsell, Product Manager Daktronics Digital Media Networks

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