Hello, You’ve Reached Daktronics

When calling Daktronics for your support and service needs, you may notice some new streamlined prompts to expedite your call and improve your overall experience. Our service team recently implemented a new system to auto-route calls specific to your needs. Your calls are now quickly auto-routed to your specific service, technical or training team based upon your need. If you are calling from a number that is new to our system or not linked to your organization, you will speak with a Service Coordinator. They will add or update your information and assist you with your requests.

Future phone enhancements are also in the works as we plan to reorder some of the product selection options when calling our technicians. These upcoming changes will also streamline your options and reduce the amount of entries you will be asked to make. Initial data indicates we have reduced time in certain menus by roughly 40%.

In addition to the phone updates, you may also see changes to our support Web page navigation with streamlined menu options and a more mobile friendly experience. When you visit our support homepage at www.daktronics.com/support, you now have the ability to search for resources on specific products. If you are unsure what product you have, the navigation will help to direct you to the appropriate page through a guided experience.

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