Cinema 8 Owner Adds an LED Sign to Theatre’s Innovation​


Dick Peterson recently renovated his Cinema 8 into South Dakota’s largest stadium theatre. Located in a university town, the Cinema draws plenty of customers.

Soon, patrons will enjoy ordering beer and wine in the screening room. They also added three more screens, a new box office, concession stand, 7.1 Dolby sound, recliners and a birthday party room.

He also installed a large, outdoor LED sign.

“The sign adds another dimension to our state-of-the-art theatre with the new auditorium and everything else—the sign adds to all that,” Peterson says.

And as a third-generation theatre owner, the sign reminds him of the traditional movie house marquees.

The theatre’s previous sign, a manual copy board, was hard to see and difficult to update in bad weather. The new LED sign is a large matrix, and the operators change messages from indoors.

“We get comments about how nice and big the text is on the new display. And now, we run movie titles and up-to-date show times, and messages such as ‘Coming soon’ and Academy Award winners,” Peterson says.

People love interactive advertising, and the new sign makes it possible.

“We put up the names of kids hosting a party at the theatre’s party room. The parents love taking pictures of their kids in front of the sign with their name on it,” says Peterson.

Peterson mentions that the software training provided by the sign’s manufacturer was “very helpful.” The theatre manager controls the display after taking onsite training and watching a video of a web seminar.

Share this customer story with your prospective movie house or theater projects: “Cinema 8 Owner Adds an LED Sign to  Theatre’s Innovation.” (Be sure to scroll all the way down from the photo.)

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