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Did you know that we have a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? We post on social media to inform our customers about software updates, to generate ideas for content creation, and to answer your questions.

If you are interested in following us on social media, please keep reading!

Venus Control Suite Training Alums Facebook Group

Facebook is an online social media and social networking site used by over a billion people. We created a Facebook group for our Venus Control Suite Training Alums, so they can reach out to us directly. They also can use the group as a forum to speak with other Venus Control Suite users for ideas, questions, and discussions. It is a very active group, and we enjoy seeing all the wonderful ideas people have.

Once in a while we even have contests on the page. We ask people to post photos of their display to share ideas and show off their creativity! Everyone who posts is eligible for a FREE content drawing!

After every training, we invite all the registrants to join the Venus Control Suite Training Alums Facebook group. Maybe you haven’t received an invitation via email, even though you have taken a training? Please let us know by emailing into with your Venus Control Suite Username and Account Name. We’ll add you to the group so you can enjoy it, too!

Daktronics Software Training Twitter Account

Our Software Training & Scheduling team here at Daktronics is also active on Twitter. Twitter is an online news and social network service where users post and interact with messages knows as tweets, restricted to 140 characters. Registered users post tweets, but people who are unregistered can still read them.

We use Twitter as a way to share our blogs. We also tweet helpful tips and tricks about creating quality content, using your software more efficiently, and encouraging you to share photos of your display and handiwork! If you are interested in following us on Twitter, please click on the following link!

Daktronics Training Blogs

Daktronics invests in our customers as much as we invest in providing high-quality products. We created the Daktronics blog page to answer common questions we hear from you, and give you tips and tricks about your niche that may help your business.  Please visit the following link to check out all of our blogs for a seemingly endless resource of ideas and information!

As you know, the Software Training & Scheduling team focuses specifically on the training blogs for Venus 1500 V4 and Venus Control Suite, but we recommend checking out the other blogs as well, if you have time.

If you are wondering why exactly you should check out our blogs, here is a summary of what you can expect in the Venus Control Suite blog:

Daktronics trainers review the software basics, inform you about new features and how to use them, suggest ways to create quality content, and provide ideas to maximize your display’s impact.

The Venus Control Suite blog truly is a great resource that you access whenever you want, free of charge. You can’t beat that!

If you like what you see when you visit the blog, be sure to click on the orange “Receive Email Updates” button on the right side of the page to subscribe, so you will be notified whenever we post!

Thanks for reading!

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